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Why it is scientifically ridiculous for anyone to claim genetic superiority

DNA is amazing! But your Genome is not special The idea that a particular genetic lineage is some how ‘pure’ is absolutely ridiculous. No matter what the context, the visualisation of your DNA as something [...]

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The E word: Eugenics, Negative and Positive

I have been flicking through a Pelican book on Genetics that was published in 1948 and it has some really interesting bits in it (even though one or two outdated word usages did occasionally [...]

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How different can identical twins look?

How different can ‘identical’ twins be? I have seen a few news articles recently exclaiming cases of identical (monozygotic) twins with very different appearances. Although this initially seems odd and inexplicable (and apparently news-worthy), when [...]

23andMe: What is it? What does it tell you? How do you do it?

What is 23andMe? 23andMe is a company that offers genetic testing direct to consumers through the magic of posting your spit in a tube. It was founded by Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza, and Anne [...]

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